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Effects of Socia Media on Academic Performance - Asap Writers
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Effects of Socia Media on Academic Performance

Effects of Socia Media on Academic Performance

Social media use among students has reached a high level affecting the student’s education time and has led to a significant diversion of the students’ attention from their studies. Students spend more time on social media, and this has greatly affected their academic performance.

The research was done with its aims being:

  • To show the impact of the time use on the academic performance
  • To determine how the use of social media affects the students’ academic performance
  • To show the impacts of addiction to academic performance
  • To determine how time impacts determine the academic performance
  • To determine how the connections to friends and people affect academic performance
  • To determine the effects of privacy issues on the students’ academic performance.

The hypotheses created supported the claims in the objectives, and then a questionnaire was designed to obtain information on the students, and then statistical analysis was done to ensure that the results that came up from the hypothesis were either accepted or rejected statistically.


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The statistical data claimed that there was a significant adverse effect of the time of use of social media on student academic performances, showing that students who used social media for other activities were more likely to drop in their performances.

The claim that an increase in the use of social media sites decreases academic accomplishments was rejected by the test statistic because there was no significant relationship between social media time use duration and academic performances.

Does the use of social media impact academic performance?

The connections to friends and people were proved to bring a positive effect on academic achievement. This is because the students can form educational groups with their friends and improve their studies.

The can also be provided with ready academic materials by their tutors, and this will help the student to improve on their academic performance.

The nature of usage positively and significantly affected the academic performance of students. This is because social media presence allowed the students to learn new skills in the area of choice.

Time spent on social media sites has an indirect negative impact on academic performance.

This is where more extended periods on social media affected meal s which in turn changed the health of the student and had an effect on the academic performance of the students. Privacy and security do not affect academic achievements.

This is because there are changes that have been made on the social media platforms that would increase the concentration of the students to their studies thus increasing their academic performance.

The use of social media as a source of information by students cannot be underestimated. Majority of students devote their time and attention towards social media which has led to examination failures due to lack of learning.

Is social media really affecting academic performance?

The study I undertook on students revealed that students use social media every day. In an interview that I conducted, Mary was asked How often she uses social media she replied that “I use social media about seven days a week” this shows that the use of social media has caught the attention of students that they cannot go a day without using social media.

This takes up parts of their day that would have otherwise been used to study. In each of the days, the same interviewee said that “I spend approximately two hours per day on Instagram Facebook, and Whatsapp” when she was asked the amount of time she spends on social media times.

Averagely, the time spent in school is about eight hours which may translate to four hours of lectures. In those, a student uses part of that time to access social media sites.

This time that is used for non-academic activities leads to dismal performances.

How social media affects your grades?

Multitasking in class has been seen to have detrimental values on academic performances. Students tend to check their social media accounts while studying or while in class. This leads to a reduced focus on class activities.

Loss of focus and attention in class activities has been seen to reduce the concentration of studying well and leads to a general reduction in academic performance.

In the interview done Jack who is also a student responded that social media affects his concentration in class because every time he hears a notification, he has to confirm from which site the notification is from.

This time-lapse where his attention is affected in class sums up to a lot of time if compared to the number of times notifications are received.

Loss of concentration in class makes the student miss a lot of information that may be essential in passing exams.

While unavailability of social media would strain other sectors of human interactions, the absence of social media will be an excellent opportunity for academic performance.

Does social media affect test scores?

Mary believed that her academic performance would improve if social media were absent. This was because she felt that this would ensure that she does not miss out on relevant information that could be needed for assigned tasks and other educational requirements. Social media sites have reduced the ability of students to research and learn.

This is because students are relying excessively on information that they can easily access these social networking sites and the web. Other than that, students waste a lot of time when the study and research online.

This is because they are easily attracted to social media sites making them forget the work they were doing on the internet. This reduces the ability of students to work within the stipulated time for the assignments.

Social media use affects the mental and physical health of the users. It prevents the students from taking enough rest and eating proper meals on time making them resort to caffeine to be active.

According to one of the interviewees, social media can be exhausting to keep up with, and this may take away from physical and mental energy that would have otherwise been used on academics.

Social media use has negative impacts on the academic performance of students. The frequent use of social media by students takes up time that would have been used to study and to take part in their educational activities. Multitasking is one of the causes of the loss of concentration in class.

This leads to the reduction of focus on various activities. The mental and physical health of users is significantly affected by users. This is mostly through exhaustion of keeping up with the social requirements of the sites.

The energy used in the sites exploits the energy that would have been used in academics. The absence of social media would strain other human interaction processes, but it would build more on improved class performances.

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